About Us


Rivulet Digital was formed with the goal of bringing together an amazing group of seasoned international professionals with years of combined experience to help clients power through their bandwidth and capability limitations.

Realistically, most companies don’t need to build large in-house production teams. In fact, it rarely makes financial sense to maintain a team with widely diverse specialties like eCommerce, PHP, WordPress, HTML, design, data management, and analytics. Don’t get us wrong – to grow, companies need ALL of these capabilities at certain times along the way – and THAT is what makes Rivulet Digital so valuable.

Our Team

We believe in putting faces to names, so you know you’re working with partners dedicated to a higher level of client service.

  • Nishant Rana

    Managing Director
  • Brian Gerstner

    Director of Creative Services
  • Manthan Rana

    Senior System Administrator
  • Ryan Carey

    Business Intelligence
  • Dawn Cuckler

    Director of Finance
  • Purvi Pandya

    Human Resources Manager
  • Manan Rana

    Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Jeannette Bierman

    Project Manager
  • Kunal Trivedi

    Director of Digital Marketing
  • Jay Panchal

    Digital Artist
  • Alan Karnitz

    Senior Designer
  • Todd Kamp

    Content Director
  • Aagna Paneri

    PHP Developer
  • Ashish Gaur

    PHP Developer
  • Nikunj Bhimani

    PHP Developer
  • Nimisha Rangapariya

    PHP Developer
  • Darshan Parmar

    PHP Developer
  • Harsh Moyade

    PHP Developer
  • Vineeta Khatri

    Laravel Developer
  • Sagar Thesia

    Laravel Developer
  • Jitendra Prajapati

    Laravel Developer
  • Ashish Makwana

    Laravel Developer
  • Hitali Ribadiya

    Vue.js Developer
  • Saumya Kumar

    Vue.js Developer
  • Buddha Nag

    Vue.js Developer
  • Pramit Sawant

    Vue.js Developer
  • Amir Shaikh

    Vue.js Developer
  • Manoj Kag

    iOS Developer
  • Sagar Vekariya

    Android Developer
  • Pravin Kanzariya

    Front End Developer
  • Kamlesh Kanzariya

    Front End Developer
  • Vishal Vasiya

    Front End Developer
  • Rakesh Gadara

    Front End Developer
  • Himanshu Patel

    Front End Developer
  • Vijay Salvi

    Front End Developer
  • Tarang Chokshi

    QA Analyst
  • Nikunj Bhalodia

    QA Analyst
  • Ashoksinh Zala

    QA Analyst
  • Akash Patel

    QA Analyst
  • Poonam Sahu

    QA Analyst
  • Jyoti Rajwani

    Traffic Manager
  • Khyati Gajjar

    SEO Analyst
  • Krishna Rawal

    Data Associates
  • Vaishakhi Parekh

    Data Associates
  • Aditi Solanki

    Data Associates
  • Suresh Senava

    Data Associates
  • Dharmesh Shah

    Business Analyst (Freelancer)
  • Chetan Vaghela

    Office Assistant
Rivulet Digital