Mobile Application Development

Function and finesse for Android and iOS

With billions of apps overtaking the app stores, it’s important to create a point of differentiation among the competition. That’s where Rivulet comes in.

With a full-service team of mobile application experts, we’re adept at quickly understanding business needs and developing stylish app solutions that make your apps-iOS and Android-stand out. All the while, we work hard to boost downloads, increase time in-app, and ensure quality user reviews. After all, our aim is to deliver experiential app solutions that are in-sync with your business and marketing goals.

iOS App Development

In this mobile-first era, Rivulet Digital has combined the power of enterprise data & analytics with user experience and business needs, to revolutionize the way iOS Apps interact, communicate, collaborate, and perform. We offer user-centric iOS application development services to design & code apps with seamless experience for iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices, as well as app backend and iOS widgets with the latest platform features.

Our team excels at coding on iOS SDK. Whether it’s Swift, Objective-C, ARKit2, UIKit, CoreData, dynamic backend or custom API, we know how to use the right tools for the development of your iOS app to drive overall growth.

Android App Development

Combining your business needs with your revenue generation plans, we convert your ideas into highly-functional, reliable, and powerful Android app solutions. We offer Android development services to design and develop secure and highly usable apps for Android Q as well as older versions. We know how to engineer applications that work seamlessly on over 24,000 Android devices.

Our team codes on Android SDK in a test-driven environment. Be it material design, Java, Kotlin, Digital Wellbeing, Jetpack, dynamic backend or custom API, we leverage the right tools and technologies to build beautiful Android applications.