Vue.js Developer

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Ahmedabad

We are seeking a highly skilled Vue.js developer with expertise in building user-facing web applications and components. As the primary focus of your role, you will use the Vue.js framework to create these applications and components while following established best practices.


  • Develop user-friendly applications using Vue.js, ensuring their functionality and ease of use
  • Create modular and reusable components and libraries to enhance code efficiency and maintainability
  • Optimize applications for better performance, considering factors like load times and responsiveness
  • Implement automated testing practices integrated into development and maintenance workflows
  • Collaborate with designers, frontend developers, backend developers, and other team members to ensure seamless project execution
  • Stay updated with the latest developments in the JavaScript and Vue.js landscape to leverage new features and improvements
  • Monitor security updates and address any Vue.js and project dependency-related issues
  • Propose upgrades and updates to align with modern security practices and development standards

Desired Skills:

  • Proven 3 years of experience as Vue.js or Nuxt.js developer or with similar position
  • Extensive proficiency with Vue.js framework, encompassing core principles such as components, reactivity, and the virtual DOM
  • Strong knowledge of Linux Commands, AWS, NodeJS (basic to intermediate level), and ES6 JavaScript
  • Familiarity with the Vue.js ecosystem, including Vue CLI, Vuex, Vue Router, and Nuxt.js
  • Good understanding of HTML5 and CSS3, including Sass or Less, to create visually appealing and responsive user interfaces
  • Knowledge of server-side rendering and its benefits and practical applications, contributing to enhanced performance and SEO optimization
  • Understanding of functional programming and object-oriented programming paradigms, enabling the implementation of efficient and maintainable code
  • Ability to write efficient, secure, well-documented, and clean JavaScript code, ensuring the codebase remains organized and easy to maintain
  • Proficiency with modern development tools such as Babel, Webpack, and Git, facilitating streamlined and collaborative development processes
  • Experience in both consuming and designing RESTful APIs, enabling seamless integration with backend services

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